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The concept of a tavern was mentioned in small ancient Roman restaurants where you could find food and wine. Findings of such sites exist in the ruins of ancient Pompeii and are relatively intact. These spaces consisted of a large brick oven and many cooking utensils. These small ancient taverns were a precursor to the current Italian. In ancient Rome, street vendors and public catering suppliers were available at any time and time. The Romans also had laws on the sale of food and the operation of food services in general. However, the concept of the restaurant, as we know it today, is the result of the French Revolution Encyclopedia Larousse.

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The term restaurant, which emerged in the th century, had the concept of restoration as it referred to a kind of rich and aromatic soup or meat that essentially restored the health of the sick. In France, the fancy, gourmet restaurants with famous chefs did not exist then. The restaurants were simple places to serve food to hungry people, people in need or to their sponsors Encyclopedia. In about, there was an important development that affected the development of the modern food industry. The first cafes halal restaurants made their appearance and even spread very quickly to the rest of Europe. In these places, they served more coffee, cocoa and alcohol drinks, such as wine, rather than food. The spaces were large and served people who were gathering for social talk and drinking.

These coffee bars were a precursor of today's modern restaurant. The first restaurant is claimed to have been founded by the French Boulanger in Paris in. With the rapidly evolving change to the original menu, which, as mentioned above, included meat broth, the restaurant was gradually transformed into a high class alternative to Of the indian restaurants in singapore then simple tavern, and was addressed to specific customers. Chefs from large aristocratic houses became caterers in both France and other foreign countries, evolving the food experience and creating the French cuisine as we know it today. The restaurant is a place for ready meals and drinks. It is a property that can be either a commercial property, a profit making business, or a social service and welfare provider. Definitions vary from restaurant to restaurant because of their complex, highly competitive and volatile nature Lawson F.

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A restaurant, depending on the services it offers, belongs to some category. Some general categories of restaurants are listed below. Casual Dining is usually a small restaurant that serves food to any customer who is looking for a specific menu and a comfortable atmosphere. This restaurant can feature specialties from around the world. Cafe is a restaurant where there is no waiter to order, but the customer orders, pays, and takes his own meal at his indian restaurants in singapore table. Pizzeria is a type of restaurant that can be divided into two categories. The first is a restaurant serving pizza and other dishes, while the second is pizza based and orders are made by phone for the home.

Coffeehouse is a type of restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that serves small amounts of food and more sweet. It is aimed at customers who want to buy a coffee with some junk food shortly before going to work. The focus can be categorized into two categories: The commercial mass catering focus on the provision of commercial food or catering services and the institutional or noncommercial focus on institutional services. Commercial food services are provided by commercial organizations and are active find more in all types of food, such as fast food restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and more. They also include caterers. Institutional food services, on the other hand, include educational, industrial, governmental and institutional organizations, where catering is their main activity.

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